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welcome to our homepage. It is a well-known fact that China has become a determining factor of the world economy, businesses of all nations and of all sizes are continuously seeking to conquer its market. However, it is a much less known fact how difficult it really is to build business ties with China, how much effort and resources success takes. This is also true goes when Asian companies decide to build long-term relationships with European entrepreneurs, the cultural diversity of Europe  may expose serious difficulties.

Having a great product, an efficient service, or cutting edge technology does not ensure success - entering the market requires due diligence. The right kind of information is inevitable and a certain preparedness in the market, economic, legal and political framework will save you years of hard work and may protect you from potential failure..

Keeping all this in mind we provide a whole range of solutions not only for our European but also for our Chinese clients.

Due to the world economic crisis, previous export markets have shrunk or completely disappeared, making it very hard for European companies to keep up with competitors under pressure from Asian imports with increasingly better quality. Companies are forced to rationalize production and optimize sourcing trying to retain old business ties while aiming to generate new ones. These moves are not only hard to make but are also expensive, knowing that your company’s future may depend on them. Meanwhile in China to maintain the quality production there is an increasing need for innovative imported products and technologies, high quality goods and spare parts. In this situation Chinese companies may need to face the difficulties to find the right European professional entrepreneurs with an economical business model and with sufficient production capacity for the world biggest population.
With the support of our multi-lingual staff, also well-versed in Eastern and Western business culture, we offer you the safety of the business deal and the potential of success.
If your business development plan includes generating new businesses, new partners in China, South East Asia or in Europe, but with the safety of reliable experts on your side, you have just come to the right place. For further information on our core businesses, and how they main pertain to your goals, please visit the pages of our three main business divisions.

In recent years, Hungarian-owned Tradeland Ltd. possessing over a decade of professional business experience, became a leading enterprise in European/ Hungarian-Chinese / South-East Asian trade relations.
Tradeland Ltd. was established in 1998, and has it’s headquarter in Budapest, Hungary. In order to avoid the risk arising from geographical distance, the sheer size of the Chinese market and the differences between culture and mentality, in 1999 we opened our first representative office in the economic and financial center of China, Shanghai. In line with our company’s business expansion, we opened our second representative office in Shenzhen, the core of China’s fastest developing region in 2008. In 2009, due to the continuing development of our China business and the changes of the market situation we carried out a complete structural overhaul, which resulted in the foundation of our 100% Hungarian-owned Tradeland (Shanghai) Ltd. In 2012, strengthening our South-East Asian presence, we opened a branch office in Hong Kong.
Parallel to our company’s expansion in China, we put emphasis and resources to expansion outside China as well. In 2010 with the help of our well-founded business relationships we completed our network of representatives with a Vietnamese (Hanoi) presence. Since 2011, to help diversify our business activity and help deepen our market relations we are represented in Europe’s West-Balkan region as well (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia).