TLD Consulting

TLD Consulting is a project-oriented consultancy focusing primarily on China and Eastern Europe. We offer services in multiple areas:

  • Exploring new business opportunities
  • Investment consulting
  • Government contract consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Trade-related consulting

Supported by an extensive network of associate specialists, coupled with over a decade of business experience in both core geographical regions, we work with you to refine your business development strategy, develop your value proposition, generate new leads, and help you extend your business to new markets. In each project, specific market-based objectives are integrated and tailored to your unique business anatomy, market position and strategy. Your advantage in working with us is getting access to our wide network of large state-owned enterprises and government entities both in China and Eastern Europe.

Clients we served come from these industries:

  • Energy sector
  • Automotive industry
  • Environment and Water industry
  • Aviation
  • Tourism and infrastructure
  • Agri-food

Whether you are an ambitious Chinese company making headway on the Eastern European market, or a European company aiming to set foot in China, our core strength is to engage key influencers and senior decision makers in your target market. We understand the complexities of both China and Eastern Europe. And while it is important to find new clients, it is also vital to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to close deals with those same clients. TLD consulting is the single best resource needed to launch a successful business or extend your current business to new terrains.