A large number of buyers purchase products through agents, in some cases maybe thinking to have contacted the manufacturer. Due to our local presence in China, our company provides better odds to reach the manufacturers directly. In most cases we are able to source the required products for our customers at a significantly lower price, ensuring the customer’s quality requirements as well. We can assist your company to reduce costs and to save the inconvenience of additional arrangements such as shipment issues, quality inspections etc. Our aim is to let you focus on what you can really do best: selling products and making profit in your local markets!

  • We search for business partners, pay local visits to potential partners.
  • We collect samples, pre-check sample quality and forward samples according to your requirements.
  • We conduct price negotiations and prepare long-term purchasing contracts, check documents according to the laws and regulations of the country in question.
  • We control product licenses and other background-documents.
  • We ensure that special packaging requirements are being followed.
  • We provide goods inspection (quantity, quality, packaging, documents, size and weight control).
  • We control, and forward transport documentation.
  • We represent the customer’s interest in case problems occur.
  • We follow-up the dispatch and shipment of goods.