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Relying on our extensive commercial experience we assist our clients in identifying, planning and undertaking projects in the European and Asian markets.

Our colleagues manage all necessary processes ranging from purchasing to sales at a high standard. We provide our partners with professional support to capture new markets in Asia and Europe and to close business transactions successfully. Our ISO-certified activities ensure smooth trade processes.

This is how it works:


partner visits

We contact suitable partners.

price negotiations

We represent your interests in price negotiations.

Control of business process

We control the entire business process (product approval, documentation, goods inspection).

Delivery supervision

We supervise and control freight issues and the relevant shipping companies.

Full - scale order management

We provide full-scale order management.


Product localozation

We manage the localization process of the product.

Warehouse management

We organize customs issues and warehousing.

pricing strategy

We provide advice on pricing strategy.

Facilitate partnerships

We identify your potential partners.

Marketing and after-sales consulting

We help to develop marketing and after-sales services.