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Welcome to Tradeland Group’s website

We have been providing a wide range of trading services for over two decades, connecting our partners in Europe and Asia. Our aim is to build value-creating economic relationships, secure a sustainable future and make the most successful use of constantly developing technologies.

Thanks to the decades of experience and expertise of our professionals, our group is constantly evolving and looking for opportunities that serve both our partners and our planet.

Róbert Forintos — Managing Director, Co-owner

Róbert Forintos

Managing Director, Co-owner

Water is the most valuable raw material of our time, the pillar of our lives and one of the most important trade items in our global economy. As co-owner and Managing Director of Tradeland Group, Róbert has over 35 years of international trade experience between Asia and Hungary. And his mission has remained unchanged over the decades: to conserve and value our most important natural resource.

As an expert in water exports, he supports domestic water technology companies and solutions as co-founder and co-chair of the Hungarian Water Partnership. His market-building activities have helped to raise the profile of many Hungarian brands in Asia. He has a proven track record in representing Hungarian water industry knowledge, managing environmental projects and acting as an investment advisor abroad.

Recognising the development potential of the Eastern markets, he was the first Hungarian SME manager to establish a representative office in the Far East. As co-owner and Managing Director of Tradeland Group he has founded a 30-strong ISO-certified subsidiary in Shanghai, the economic hub of China and also a commercial representative office in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In addition to his business activities, he has been steadfast in building international relations: since 2012, he acted as Chairman of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Business Council, Co-Chairman of the Hungarian-Chinese Chapter of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as Managing Director of Pureco-Tradeland Ltd. he is a member of the Hungarian Outstanding Exporter Partnership Program.

Nikoletta Vajasné Kalas

Nikoletta Vajasné Kalas — Managing Director, Co-owner

Nikoletta Vajasné Kalas

Managing Director, Co-owner

Economist, a specialist in business management, joined the company in 2003 and is responsible for the company's accounting, financial procedures and controls in addition to human resources management. This includes a wide range of visioning tasks and back office management. As finance manager and co-owner, she pays attention to detail but always keeps the big picture in mind.

She combines her leadership skills with 20 years of experience and natural talent to bring the „positive aspects” to the surface. A friendly and collaborative person, she maintains close friendships with her colleagues in the Group's representative offices, a true "queen behind the scenes".

Balázs Vizi — Managing Director, Co-owner

Balázs Vizi

Managing Director, Co-owner

Reading Carl Crow's book on the challenges of marketing and trading in the Far East, 400 million customers, it becomes clear to everyone why a representative of a company active in China needs to be an experienced professional, an excellent communicator and a polymath who is well versed in local customs and superstitions. As Managing Director and Co-owner of Tradeland Group, Balázs bases his cultural knowledge on his MA in Sinology and Oriental Studies, his communication skills are backed up by a native command of 4 languages, and his economic achievements are guaranteed by nearly 20 years of professional experience in the Far East. He has held a number of positions within the Group, with his first lasting success in China for 15 years as Chief Representative of Tradeland Shanghai.

His responsibilities include the implementation of business development efforts, leading the operational functions outside the headquarters, whether it means opening new offices or launching new projects. He is currently in his third term as the EU-China Chamber of Commerce Country Representative for Hungary. In his spare time, he focuses on what he has built his entire career on: learning more about the culture of the East.